Grants For Businesses Beginning With P

Grants For Businesses Beginning With P

A grant is a form of assistance, usually financial in nature, the benefit of which is non-repayable. It is given by one organization to another to encourage it to undertake or continue activities that it would not (or could not) otherwise do without that support. Alternatively, a grant may be used to persuade the organization to refrain from certain activities.

Grants are non-repayable funds disbursed by one party (grant makers), often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual. In order to receive a grant, some form of "Grant Writing" often referred to as either a proposal or an application is usually required.

A grant is a great way to get a project off the ground and is possibly the best source of funding available. There is no interest to be paid and funds are generally non-returnable (except in exceptional circumstances, where grant terms and conditions are not met). Grants are often referred to as ‘free money’, but there are usually a number of strings attached. Anyone who has ever tried to secure a grant will be familiar with the fact that grants are notoriously difficult to get. It is hard work convincing the awarding body that you deserve such support, and a considerable amount of effort and time is involved in making an application.

Most grants are made to fund a specific project and require some level of compliance and reporting. The grant writing process involves an applicant submitting a proposal (or submission) to a potential funder, either on the applicant's own initiative or in response to a Request for Proposal from the funder. Other grants can be given to individuals, such as victims of natural disasters or individuals who seek to open a small business. Sometimes grant makers require grant seekers to have some form of tax-exempt status, be a registered nonprofit organization or a local government.

Grants For Businesses Beginning With P

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Potassium Salts

Potato Bread

Potato Chips

Potato Chips and Crisps

Potato Digger Harvester and Planter

Potato Dumplings

Potato Farm

Potato Flakes

Potato Flour

Potato Granules

Potato Mashers

Potato Mashers and Ricers

Potato Mixes

Potato Pancakes

Potato Planters

Potato Ricers

Potato Salads

Potato Soups

Potato Starches

Potato Sticks



Potentiometric Instruments


Potholders and Oven Mitts

Pothole Filling


Potted Foliage Growing

Potted Meats

Potters Equipment


Pottery and Ceramics Maker

Pottery and China Blog

Pottery and Glass Blog

Pottery and Modeling Clays

Pottery and Modelling Clays

Pottery Blog

Pottery Cafe

Pottery Classes

Pottery Cook Ware

Pottery Dishes

Pottery Furniture

Pottery Lamp Bases

Pottery Lessons

Pottery Store

Pottery Studio

Pottery Vases

Pottery Wheels and Accessories

Potting Soil


Poultry and Game Dealer

Poultry Farm

Poultry Feeders

Poultry Feeds

Poultry Incubators

Poultry Packers

Poultry Seasonings

Pound Cakes

Pound Store

Poured Concrete Foundations

Poured in Place Concrete Walls


Powder Actuated Fasteners

Powder Actuated Handheld Power Tools

Powder Coating Metal

Powder Coatings

Powder Laundry Detergent

Powder Mitts

Powder Puffs

Powder Springs

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Powdered Cocoa

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Power Angle Grinders

Power Assisted Steering Boxes

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Power Driven Handheld Impact Wrenches

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Power Driven Handheld Polishers

Power Driven Handheld Riveting Guns

Power Driven Handheld Routers

Power Driven Handheld Sanders

Power Driven Handheld Saws

Power Driven Handheld Screwdrivers

Power Driven Handheld Shears

Power Driven Handheld Staplers

Power Driven Handheld Tools

Power Driven Handheld Wrenches

Power Driven Impact Wrenches

Power Driven Nail Guns

Power Driven Nailers

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Power Driven Nut Drivers

Power Driven Planers

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Power Driven Wrenches

Power Driveway Cleaning Service

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Power Hedge Trimmers

Power Hoists

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Power Impact Wrenches

Power Inverters

Power Jig Saws

Power Jointers

Power Lathe Accessories

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Power Line Construction

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Power Milling Machines

Power Mirror Relays

Power Miter Saws

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Power Nailers

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Power Nibblers

Power Oscillating Tool Accessories

Power Oscillating Tool Blades

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Power Paint and HVLP Sprayers

Power Planer Knives

Power Planers

Power Points

Power Pole Saws

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Power Polishing Parts

Power Pop Music Blog

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Power Protection Equipment

Power Pulleys

Power Quality Recorders

Power Random Orbit Sanders

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Power Reciprocating Saws

Power Regulators

Power Right Angle Drills

Power Roofing Nailers

Power Rotary Hammers

Power Rotary Tool Attachments

Power Rotary Tool Blades

Power Rotary Tool Buffing Wheels

Power Rotary Tool Cutting Wheels

Power Rotary Tool Parts

Power Rotary Tool Sanders

Power Rotary Tools

Power Router Fences

Power Sand Blasters

Power Sander Accessories

Power Sander Bristle Discs

Power Sander Fiber Backed Discs

Power Sander Fibre Backed Discs

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Power Sander Hook and Loop Discs

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Power Sanders

Power Sanding Discs

Power Sanding Sleeves

Power Saw Fences

Power Saws

Power Scooter Accessories

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Power Screwdrivers

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Power Seat Relays

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Power Shaper Cutter Bushings

Power Shaper Cutter Spacers

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Power Sheaves

Power Sheet Sanders

Power Shovels

Power Siding Nailers

Power Sprockets Transmission Equipment

Power Staplers

Power Steam Heating Boiler

Power Steering

Power Steering Control Valve Kits

Power Steering Control Valves

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Power Steering Fluid Additives

Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Flushes

Power Steering Gear Boxes

Power Steering In-Line Filters

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Power Steering Power Cylinders

Power Steering Pressure Hoses

Power Steering Pump Caps

Power Steering Pump Rebuild Kits

Power Steering Pumps

Power Steering Return Hoses

Power Steering Stabilisers

Power Steering Stabilizers

Power Steering Tools

Power Straight Grinders

Power Strips

Power Supplies

Power Switchboards and Parts

Power Tile and Masonry Saws

Power Tillers

Power Tool Accessory Jigs

Power Tool Battery Chargers

Power Tool Battery Converters

Power Tool Combo Kits

Power Tool Lubricants

Power Tool Parts and Accessories

Power Tool Replacement Parts

Power Tool Saw Accessories

Power Tool Saw Blades

Power Tool Stands

Power Tool Stands and Mobile Bases

Power Tool Staples

Power Tool Store

Power Tool Supplies and Repairs

Power Tools

Power Tools and Hand Tools

Power Toothbrush Replacement Parts

Power Toothbrushes

Power Top Motors

Power Train Control Module Relays

Power Transducers

Power Transformers

Power Transmission Chains

Power Transmission Equipment

Power Transmission Equipment Cases

Power Transmission Gears

Power Transmission Metal Pulleys

Power Transmission Products

Power Transmission Pulleys

Power Transmission Roller Chains

Power Transmission Silent Chains

Power Transmission Speed Changers

Power Transmission Speed Reducers

Power Upholstery Staplers

Power Valves and Gaskets

Power Washer Cleaning Equipment

Power Washer Pressure Units

Power Washer Rental

Power Washer Units

Power Washers

Power Washing

Power Water Pumps

Power Winches

Power Window and Door Lock Systems

Power Window Kit Motors

Power Window Motors

Power Window Regulators

Power Window Relays

Power Window Switches

Power Window System

Power Wood Lathes

Powered Agricultural Lawnmowers

Powered Animal Shears

Powered Computer Network Adapters

Powered Garden Cultivators

Powered Garden Machinery

Powered Garden Mowing Equipment

Powered Golf Carts

Powered Grass Mowing Equipment

Powered Hedge Trimmers

Powered Lawn and Garden Cultivators

Powered Lawn Cultivators

Powered Lawn Edgers

Powered Lawn Mowers

Powered Lawnmowers

Powered Mobility Scooters

Powered Post Hole Diggers

Powered Sheep Shears

Powered Speaker Cabinets

Powered Tampers

Powered Wheel Chairs

Powered Wheelchairs

Powersports Fansite

PPC Advertising

PPC Apps

PPC Management

PPC Software

PPO Plastic Raw Materials

PPS Plastic Raw Materials

PPSU Plastic Raw Materials

PR Services

Practice Golf Balls

Practice Management Software

Practice Pads and Devices

Pradal Serey School

Praise and Worship Music Blog


Pram Strollers


Prawn Crackers

Prayer Shawls

Pre Cooked Foods

Pre Cooked Frozen French Fries

Pre Employment Testing

Pre Paid Calling Cards

Pre Paid Cell Phones

Pre School Crafts

Pre Stressed Concrete

Prebiotic Nutritional Supplements

Pre-Built Model Aircraft

Pre-Built Model Artillery

Pre-Built Model Cars and Trucks

Pre-Built Model Figures

Pre-Built Model Ground Vehicles

Pre-Built Model Helicopters

Pre-Built Model Spacecraft

Pre-Built Model Vehicles

Pre-Built Model Watercraft

Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete Balconies

Precast Concrete Blocks

Precast Concrete Bricks

Precast Concrete Curtain Wall Installation

Precast Concrete Form Installation

Precast Concrete Garbage Incinerators

Precast Concrete Garden Furniture

Precast Concrete Incinerators

Precast Concrete Panel Slab

Precast Concrete Pipes

Precast Concrete Stairway Installation

Precast Concrete Statuary

Precast Concrete Steps

Precast Terrazzo

Precast Terrazzo Blocks

Precast Terrazzo Bricks

Precast Terrazzo Pipes

Precast Terrazzo Plinth Blocks

Precious and Semiprecious Stones

Precious Flatware

Precious Jewellery Store

Precious Jewelry Store

Precious Metal Bracelets

Precious Metal Brooches

Precious Metal Card Cases

Precious Metal Chains

Precious Metal Coin Purses

Precious Metal Comb Cases

Precious Metal Compacts

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Precious Metal Cuff Links

Precious Metal Cutlery

Precious Metal Engraving and Etching

Precious Metal Handbags

Precious Metal Jewel Mountings

Precious Metal Jewel Settings

Precious Metal Jewellery

Precious Metal Jewelry

Precious Metal Key Cases

Precious Metal Kitchen Cutlery

Precious Metal Necklace

Precious Metal Novelties

Precious Metal Pins

Precious Metal Pins and Brooches

Precious Metal Pocketbooks

Precious Metal Purses

Precious Metal Rods

Precious Metal Sewing Cases

Precious Metal Sheets

Precious Metal Strips

Precious Metal Swords

Precious Metal Table Cutlery

Precious Metal Tobacco Pouches

Precious Metal Toilet Cases

Precious Metal Toilet Kits

Precious Metal Trophies

Precious Metal Tubing

Precious Metal Wallets

Precious Metal Watch Straps

Precious Metals

Precious Pins

Precious Plated Metal Cutlery

Precious Plated Metal Flatware

Precious Plated Metal Hollowware

Precious Plated Metal Novelties

Precious Plated Metal Spoons

Precious Plated Metal Trophies

Precious Plated Novelties

Precious Plated Specialties

Precious Plated Table Knives

Precious Silverware

Precious Stones

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Precision Castings

Precision Engineers

Precision Gauge Blocks

Precision Hand Tools

Precision Optical Tools

Precision Springs

Precision Tools

Pre-Cut Quilt Squares

Predator Calls and Lures


Prefabricated Bath Cabinets

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Chicken Coops

Prefabricated Concrete Silos

Prefabricated Door and Window Installation

Prefabricated Doors

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Prefabricated Freestanding Partitions

Prefabricated Interior Walls

Prefabricated Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Prefabricated Kitchen Cabinets

Prefabricated Metal Carports

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Prefabricated Metal Silos

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Prefabricated Residential Windows

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Prefabricated Windows

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Prefabricated Wooden Garages

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Prefabricated Wooden Log Cabins

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Prefabricated Wooden Storage Sheds

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Pregnancy and Maternity Products

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Pregnancy Tests

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Premium Ring Engine Kits

Pre-moistened Towelettes

Prenatal Care Service

Prenatal Monitoring Devices

Prenatal Vitamins

Pre-paid Cell Phones

Pre-paid Gift Cards

Pre-paid Minutes

Pre-paid Mobile Phones

Pre-paid Phones

Preparatory School

Prepared Animal Feeds

Prepared Batters

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Prepared Sauces

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Preschool Bath Toys

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Preschool Electronic Toys

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Preschool Housekeeping Play

Preschool Kitchen Play

Preschool Kitchen Sets

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Preschool Music and MP3 Players

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Preschool Number Learning

Preschool Pretend Play Toys

Preschool Puzzles

Preschool Reading and Writing

Preschool Stuffed Animals and Toys

Preschool Time Telling Toys

Preschool Tool and Tool Sets Toys

Preschool Toy Figure Play Sets

Preschool Toys

Preschool Toys and Pretend Play

Preschool Toys and Pretend Play Blog

Preschool Train and Train Sets

Preschool Video and DVD Players

Prescription Contact Lenses

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs By Mail

Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Pre-seeded Mats

Presentation Binding Machines

Presentation Boxes

Presentation Overhead Projectors

Presentation Software

Presentation Supplies

Presentations Software

Preserved Hams


Preserves and Pickles

Preserving Wood and Wooden Products

Pre-Shave Oils

Preshrinking Fabrics

Preshrinking Textiles

Pre-Sliced Bacon

Press Brakes

Press Clipping Service

Press Cutting Agency

Press Release Service

Press Releases

Press Tool

Pressboard Ring Binders

Pressed and Molded Pulp Goods

Pressed and Moulded Pulp Goods

Pressed Felts

Pressed Glass

Pressed Industrial Glass

Pressed Pulp Goods


Presses for Making MDF

Presses for Making Particleboard

Presses for Making Plywood

Press-In Captive Studs

Pressing Machines

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

Pressure and Vacuum Measurement

Pressure and Vacuum Testers

Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Chemical Industrial Cleaning

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookware

Pressure Correction Gauges

Pressure Dials

Pressure Gas Welding

Pressure Gauges

Pressure in Compressor Switches

Pressure in Cycle Switches

Pressure Pipe Fittings

Pressure Pipes

Pressure Plate Assemblies

Pressure Plates

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pressure Probes and Sensors

Pressure Regulator Seals

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators Kits

Pressure Regulators Seals

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Sensitive Paper

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Switches

Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washer Couplers

Pressure Washer Filters

Pressure Washer Gauges

Pressure Washer Hose Reels

Pressure Washer Hoses

Pressure Washer Lances and Wands

Pressure Washer Nozzles

Pressure Washer Pumps

Pressure Washers

Pressure Washing Service

Presto Pressure Canners

Preston Blog

Preston Fansite

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete Beams

Prestressed Concrete Blocks

Prestressed Concrete Bricks

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes

Prestressed Concrete Girders

Prestressed Concrete Pipes

Prestressed Concrete Products

Prestressed Concrete Slabs

Pretend Play Toys

Pretoria Blog

Pretzel Store


Preventative Maintenance

Pre-Wax Cleaners

Prewired Electric Lighting

Prewired Electric Lighting Accessories

Prewired Electric Lighting Brackets

Prewired Electric Lighting Poles

Pre-Workout Powders

Pre-Workout Sports Nutrition

Price Marker Guns

Price Marker Labels

Price Marking Equipment

Price Tags and Holders

Prickly Pear Farm

Prickly Pears

Primary School

Primer Detonating Cap

Primer Paint


Primitives Blog

Prince Edward Island Blog

Prince Fielder Fansite

Prince Harry Fansite

Prince of Persia Fansite

Print and Copy Store

Print and Layout Designer

Print Finishers

Print Services

Print Store

Printable Blanks

Printable Calendars

Printed Balloons

Printed Christmas Cards

Printed Circuit Assemblies

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Laminates

Printed Circuits

Printed Gift Certificates

Printed T Shirts


Printer Belts Rollers and Units

Printer Cables

Printer Cartridge Refills

Printer Cartridges

Printer Finishers and Staplers

Printer Ink

Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer Paper

Printer Parts and Supply Store

Printer Repairs

Printer Ribbons

Printer Toner

Printer USB Cable Sets

Printer USB Cables


Printers and Accessories

Printers and Lithographers

Printers Scanners and Supplies


Printing and Graphic Arts Blog

Printing and Personalization

Printing Calculators

Printing Engineers

Printing Inks

Printing Labels

Printing Machinery for Textiles

Printing Machines

Printing Pads

Printing Paper

Printing Plastic

Printing Plate Engraving Machinery

Printing Plate Preparation Service

Printing Plates

Printing Press Rollers

Printing Presses

Printing Services

Printing Textile Presses

Printing Textiles

Printmaking Inks

Printmaking Paper

Printmaking Squeegees

Printmaking Supplies


Prints and Posters

Prisms and Kaleidoscopes

Privacy Fencing

Privacy Locksets and Handles

Privacy Nursing Covers

Private Car Leasing

Private Charter Flights

Private Chat Rooms

Private Chauffeur

Private Clinic

Private Club

Private College

Private Cook

Private Detective Agency

Private Dining Club

Private Driveway Contractor

Private Driveway Lighting

Private Equity Investor

Private Flight Charters

Private Gardener

Private Investigation Service

Private Investigator

Private Investor

Private Jet Charter

Private Label Capsule Packer

Private Label Packing

Private Label Powder Packer Service

Private Label Products

Private Label Tablet Packer Service

Private Lending

Private Loans

Private Maid

Private Mail Center

Private Mail Centre

Private Mailbox Rental Center

Private Mailbox Rental Centre

Private Security

Private Server

Private Tutoring

Pro Audio Equipment Blog

Pro Boxing Gloves

Pro Roller Blades

Proactive Cleaning Solutions

Proactive Facial Cleansers

Probiotic Supplements

Process Controllers

Process Engineer

Process Filter Cartridges

Process Server

Process Serving Service

Process Variable Controller

Processed Baby Formula

Processed Cheese Spreads

Processed Cheeses

Processed Meats

Processed Poultry

Processing Center

Processing Centre

Processing Equipment

Proctologists Clinic

Produce Farm

Produce Scales

Produce Stand

Produce Store

Product Designer

Product Development Consultant

Product Display Cases

Product Labeling

Product Marketing

Product Packaging Service

Product Testing Service

Production Counter

Production Engineer

Production Stations

Productivity Apps

Productivity Software

Professional Dental Supplies

Professional Grade Video Cameras

Professional Massage Chairs

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Professional Massage Tables

Professional Medical Supplies

Professional Photo Albums

Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional Social Networking

Professional Speaker

Professional Staffing Services

Professional Teaching Resources

Professional Video Accessories

Professional Video Microphones

Professional Video Stabilisers

Professional Video Stabilizers

Professional Video Tripods

Professional Video VTR Decks

Profile Cutting

Profiling Inserts

Program Checking Relays

Program Controllers

Programmable Led Signs

Programmable Logic Circuits

Programmable Logic Controllers

Programme Checking Relays

Programme Controllers


Programming Languages Software

Programming Tutorial Software

Progressive Rock Music Blog

Prog-Rock Music Blog

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Project Folders

Project Management

Project Management Service

Project Management Software

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Projection Clocks

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Projection Lamps

Projection Lenses

Projection Screens

Projection TVs

Projection Welding

Projector Bulbs

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Projector Lamps

Projector Lenses

Projector Mounts

Projector Screens


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Prom Dresses and Gowns

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Prom Tuxedos


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Propane Gas

Propane Gas Service

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Propane Tanks

Propane Water Heaters


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Property Development

Property Inspections

Property Investment

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Property Software

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Prophy Pastes



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Prosthetic Devices



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Protective Flooring

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Protective Grilling Mitts

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Protective Relaying Instruments

Protective Safety Workwear

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Protein Analyzers

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Protein Supplements Powder


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Prune Juice



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PS 4 Interactive Gaming Figures

PS 4 Mounts Brackets and Stands

PS Network Subscription Cards

PS Vita Batteries and Chargers

PS Vita Cables and Adapters

PS Vita Digital Games and DLC

PS Vita Digital Games DLC and Cards

PS Vita Downloadable Content

PS Vita Faceplates

PS Vita Fitness Accessories

PS Vita Protectors and Skins

PS Vita Subscription Cards

PS-2 Cables

PS3 Controllers

PS3 Currency and Subscription Cards

PS3 Faceplates Protectors and Skins

PS3 Gamepads

PS3 Standard Controllers

PS4 Currency and Subscription Cards

PS4 Faceplates Protectors and Skins

PS4 Gamepads

PS4 Standard Controllers

Psoriasis Treatments

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Psychedelic Soul Music Blog


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Psyllium Supplements

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Pub Quiz Organizer

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Public House

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Public Speaking Coach

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Publicity Consultant


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Pudding Mixes


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Pulled Wool

Puller Sets



Pull-Up Bars


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Pulp Paper Molding Machinery

Pulp Paper Moulding Machinery

Pulp Rags


Pulse Generators

Pumice Abrasives

Pumicite Abrasives

Pummelo Fruits

Pump Accessories

Pump and Spray Bottles

Pump Jacks

Pump Rental Service

Pump Service and Repairs

Pump Shop

Pump Type Engine Heaters

Pumpernickel Breads

Pumping Cesspools

Pumping Coal Mines

Pumping Contractor

Pumping Portable Toilets

Pumping Septic Tanks

Pumpkin Desserts

Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seeds



Pumps and Accessories

Pumps and Plumbing Equipment

Pumps and Pumping Equipment

Pumps Service and Repair

Punch Bowls

Punch Down Tools

Punch Ladles

Punch Mitts

Punch Needle and Rug Punch

Punched Felts

Punching Bag Accessories

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Grants can be distinguished from other forms of finance available to individuals or organizations by the fact that the grantor's decision to support an organization is made without the need for direct commercial gain.

Over recent years there has also been a trend to see grants being offered to encourage public - private sector co-operation rather than offering public support to encourage companies to undertake projects they might not otherwise do. Increasingly, central and state government support is provided to encourage local authorities to work with the private sector to release properties that would otherwise remain derelict, empty or under-utilized. In so doing regeneration in areas of social, economic and other need will be accomplished.

The not for profit sector in particular has had to consider how to obtain funding, requiring it to be more businesslike in its approach. Charity funders are unlikely to support any scheme that has not been thought through or could not be continued once their initial support ceases. Increasingly, the lines of division between the profit and the not for profit sectors are becoming blurred - sports, arts, medical care, education are but four examples where requests for help could be directed to government, charitable trusts or commercial sponsors.

When someone plans to start a business, one of the many worries is cash for the business' capital. This is true whether you are putting up an internet business or a physical business office. Many entrepreneurs find raising of funds an arduous task. Building the inventory, paying for registration fees, renting or purchasing space, and purchasing the needed equipment require working capital. One of the key sources of capital is a government entrepreneur grant.

There are many ways to raise business capital. Since entrepreneurs are hard working individuals, they will not stop until they're able to raise the needed amount of capital. They can seek assistance from friends and family members, relatives, banks, and personal savings. Most entrepreneurs on the other hand prefer to search for venture capitalists.

Aside from those mentioned earlier, a government entrepreneur grant is one of the best options to raise business capital. The government gives grants to qualified entrepreneurs that would serve as financial assistance. There are different grant making agencies in the country, depending on where you reside. These agencies have grant programs that you can utilize as long as you are qualified. The US federal government, for example, has a budget of around $400 billion for government entrepreneur grants.

The best way to look for entrepreneur grants is through the internet. If you find it hard to do it online, because you are not comfortable searching, then you can always ask your local government for information regarding the grants.

Grants are given for many purposes; for starting a business you must choose an entrepreneur grant. If you are lucky enough, you can find grants that offer business consultation, loans, and services for free. Most often, local governments award entrepreneur grants to businesses that can potentially hire more employees.

Economic development is very important for every country. The economic conditions are unpredictable and volatile and so every country needs all the help it can get to improve its overall standing. Businesses are the major contributors to the success of the economy and so the government is always willing to extend the needed financial aid. Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to get assistance from the government. But if you are one of those entrepreneurs with capital issues, do not hesitate to ask help from the government. The government has a huge fund allocation for the grants.

Before an entrepreneur decides to open their business, they need to conduct plenty of analysis to determine if the business is feasible or not. If they can prove the feasibility of his business proposal, the government will immediately provide the needed capital assistance through the entrepreneur grants. If the working capital that you have raised from family, relatives, and friends are insufficient, try to contact the local government and ask for the requirements in order to apply for the government entrepreneur grant. You can either do this online or you can visit the physical office of the local government of your state or country.

For those that qualify, you will need to provide a clear business plan to receive the amount that you need. A successful grant proposal is one that is well prepared, thoughtfully planned, and concisely packaged. The potential applicant should become familiar with all of the pertinent program criteria related to the grant program from which assistance is sought. Refer to the information contact person listed before developing a proposal so as to obtain information, such as what funding is currently available, when applicable deadlines occur and details of the process used by the grantor agency for accepting applications. Applicants should remember that the basic requirements, application forms, information, and procedures vary with the Federal agency making the grant award.

Individuals without prior grant proposal writing experience may find it useful to attend a grant writing workshop. A workshop can set out the best method to approach the grant body and help avoin common mistakes.

When developing an idea for a proposal it is important to determine if the idea has already been considered in the locality or State. A careful check should be made with legislators and area government agencies as well as related public and private agencies that may currently have grant awards or contracts to do similar work. If a similar program already exists, the applicant may need to reconsider submitting the proposed project. If significant differences or improvements in the proposed project's goals can be clearly established, it will be worthwhile to pursue Federal assistance.

Grants are available for a variety of projects, but each individual scheme will offer funding for a specific purpose. Whether you qualify for a grant can also depend on factors such as the type of business you run, the size of your business, whether the business will create jobs and where it will be located.

Grants may be available to cover one or more of the following activities:

  • Advertising, marketing and promotion.
  • Business expansion and relocation.
  • Business start up and market testing.
  • Education.
  • Investment in capital equipment.
  • Co-operatives and community enterprises.
  • Product design.
  • Environmental improvements.
  • Exporting.
  • Improving business premises.
  • Information technology (IT) and e-commerce.
  • New technology and innovation.
  • Recruitment and training.
  • Research and development (R&D).
  • Security.
  • Student

It is worth noting that grants cannot usually be used for working capital or simply the organic growth of your business.

In most cases, qualification for grant assistance is dependent on four criteria:

  • location;
  • type of organisation;
  • size; and
  • project purpose.

Eligibility for funding schemes, no matter what the type of organisation, is usually dependent, in part, on the location of the activity for which funding is being sought.

For example, a city may wish to encourage business start-up projects within its boundary as benefits may be derived in terms of job creation and improvements to the local economy. Some areas of the country are looked upon more favorably than others, for example a project may be eligible for a special grant if it is creating a business in an economically disadvantaged area with high unemployment, such as areas suffering industrial decline or where traditional industries have collapsed.

Although many grants are available across all sectors, some activities such as the arts, crafts, tourism, agriculture and other specialist interests may be targeted for additional funding.

Grants may be aimed at businesses or groups of a certain size, employing a minimum or maximum number of people, targeting growing businesses as opposed to self-employed individuals, or for large, well-established organisations.

Finally, one of the most significant factors for the qualification of grant assistance is the focus of the proposed project or activity. This may be on research and development, exporting, environmental improvements, community development, rural diversification, or training and skills development. It is therefore important to explain what it is you want the money for and being clear about the intended outcomes of your project. Many schemes will not fund day-to-day running expenses, but are happy to help fund identified costs.

Great Businesses were Planned that way!

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